About Us

We are hounds for the latest news updates in the tech genre, from gadgets to company details of the most searched for content on the internet. Being a completely online publication of updates and opinions, we have the pressure of performing up to or beyond the rest of the industry. All of which adds up to a great platform that readers choose to identify with for over a decade and counting.

Negotiating the desire to appear very active and that to be known for the quality is always a fight as articles sometimes have to go through ten sets of hands and eyes until they are approved for the consumption of the general public.

Building a platform like we have managed to piece up is no small feat, for that we are frequently refreshing our skills just as much as technology keeps improving. Gathering talent is relatively a non stressful activity, the platform attracts some of the most impressive people to us and all we have to do is alert them of the opening.

Our platform has been a lot of good to almost all the readers that come to it, some who find offence in either the content or any features are included into the family by adjusting their concerns with speed.