Hurricanes are unfortunately quite commonplace in Tennessee, therefore, you need to do everything in your power to prepare your home for the next hurricane that’s likely to pass through the area. Though not all homes are affected by hurricanes or completely destroyed due to the storm, the fact remains that many sustain severe damage the very few insurance companies are willing to pay. The key to surviving a hurricane in Tennessee is to have a home that’s properly outfitted and constructed with key elements that can help keep them from buckling blowing even in the worst types of weather. Here are some of the ways that you can ensure your home is upright:

*If your home needs a new roof or an upgrade, make sure you’re installing roofing shingles and materials that are specially designed to withstand heavy winds. All of the joints on your roof should be properly sealed with rubberized material. You can take additional precautions by gluing your sheathing to the trusses and rafters using adhesive specifically designed for that purpose.

*Windows are an integral part of keeping your home safe from hurricane strength winds. Make sure you’re installing an impact-resistant windows system or choosing impact-resistant shutters which can help stop flying debris from shattering your windows.

*All of your entry doors need proper anchoring to your wall framing to ensure they can withstand high-impact winds. The entry doors should also feature three hinges and should be fitted with deadbolt locks to help ensure your safety during a serious storm.

*If you must have sliding glass doors anywhere in your home, you need to be safe as simple glass cannot withstand high wind impact. Just like with your windows, you need to install impact-resistant door systems throughout your property. These systems feature laminated glass or a mixture of glass and plastic.

*Your garage doors may make it easy for you to get in and out of your home, but you need to think about hurricane season. Metal or wood stiffeners should be installed on your garage door to permanently strengthen it. There are temporary solutions you can try as well in the form of support that you can install before an impending storm and remove it after.

As you can see, there are plenty of safety measures you can take to ensure that your property can withstand a hurricane. These steps have all been taken by smart homeowners who know the importance of preparing for an impending storm well ahead of schedule.