"The infrastructure such as plumbing, bathrooms are all on the second floor…we’ve had lots of issues with sewer and water lines," said Kingsport Housing Authority Deputy Director Maria Catron.

Catron told News Channel 11, Lee Apartments are past the point of renovation.

"We have submitted a tax credit application with our state housing finance agency, THDA and we are hopeful that we will be selected to receive funding to work on building 52 units," said Catron.

Current residents will all have the opportunity to move into the new units once they are built, and the new complex will come with familiar surroundings.

Lee Apartments will locate right across the street from it’s current location, where Cora Cox Academy and Kingsport City School’s Maintenance Department now stand.

"We have worked cooperatively with our partners at the school system and at the city to look at if we are funded, the funds to be able to move forward with construction, that they would work cooperatively together to look for another location for the Cora Cox Academy and the maintenance department," said Catron.

If the housing authority receives the grant money, Kingsport can begin building the new apartments in May 2016. But it will still take a few years to complete the project.

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